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Protect Your Investment with the System Integrity and Performance Plan

System Integrity and Performance Plan

Service and proper upkeep of an outdoor lighting system is essential to maintain the maximum lighting effect and ensure your investment will last for years to come.

A well designed lighting plan can lose its effectiveness if not cared for properly over time. As landscape changes and plants mature, lighting fixtures may need to be adjusted to maintain desired results

Over time lamps lose their brightness causing the overall effect of your lighting system to look dim and yellow.One of the major advantages of a low voltage lighting system is that as trees grow and landscape matures or changes, your system has the flexibility to be adjusted accordingly. Having designed and installed your outdoor lighting system & carefully documented every step during that process, Nite Time Decor has the advantage of knowing your system inside and out and can make the proper repairs and adjustments.

There are also opportunities to make additions and alterations to your system. We can offer suggestions for additional fixtures and services.

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