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LED Retro-Fit Lighting

With the introduction of LED technology to landscape lighting and the capability to convert existing incandescent low voltage lighting systems with our LED retro-fit program, you can continue to contribute to an environmentally and financially responsible lifestyle without compromising curb appeal and overall aesthetics.The advances in technology over the past few years have lead to an LED lamp equivalent to the light output and color temperature of a traditional halogen lamp. We can mimic the look of your old 12V incandescent system while adding major improvements to light clarity, uniformity, color, and quality, while dramatically reducing heat output and eliminating the risk of mulch fires and the damaging effect high temperatures have on wire, lamp sockets and components inside enclosed light fixtures.

Dedicated Customer Teams & Amazing Services

Using a temporary custom night-time display, our NiteTime Decor outdoor lighting experts can demonstrate what your home or business will look like with a NiteTime Decor outdoor lighting system. Our free demonstration typically takes less than an hour and can be done on homes or businesses of any size.

We can even offer a quote on the spot. No confusing schematics. No guesswork. Just pure, beautiful lighting you can immediately appreciate.

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